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Quality & Reliability
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Incoming Materials Control (IQC)


King Champion has a high quality and strong requirements for incoming materials. We work with ROHS(Restrictions on Hazardous Substance Directive 2011/65/EU) approved suppliers and evaluate their performances weekly to ensure incoming materials meet our precise standards.

In addition, our own ROHS control center is equipped with XRF Spectrometers to test and classify materials according to ROHS standards

Our incoming Quality Control Department performs the following test to ensure proper quality.


  • XRF Spectrometers Testing to ensure materials comply with the ROHS requirement

  • High-pot Test on Transformer

  • Saline Spray Test

  • Rubbing Test


After the incoming materials have been inspected and tested, we will we will store them separately in appropriate conditions. IC materials are stored in a vacuum facility, and delicate materials are stored in a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. We implement the 5S/ISO9001 principles to store the materials to guarantee their durability.

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)


King Champion’s strict quality assurance protocols ensures that all products are monitored and tested during the production process in order to make sure the end products are of superior quality.

Our experienced supervisor oversees every stage of production in their respective departments. After trainings, the employees for each job will provide detailed visual instructions designed specifically for each station, and they will also monitor the outcome to ensure that each job is done correctly, and properly.

During production the following tests are performed:

  • DAB Signal Generator

  • Wireless Tester

  • Bluetooth Testing

  • Radio Frequency Testing

  • High-pot Testing

  • High / Low Temperature and Humidity Testing

  • Drop Testing

  • Vibration Testing

  • Life Testing

  • Function Testing


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